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5 Best Toys of all time!!

Maybe you’ve seen this floating around Facebook.  It worth checking out and reminds us what it is to be a child again.  This is all true because not matter what we have for “toys” in our outside play area they seem to gravitate towards the natural objects.  These would be fun to wrap up for the holidays!!


Our tree house/fort/dinosaur and dragon center...

A Time to Give Thanks

A Time to Give Thanks

Thankful Tree

With Thanksgiving on it’s way, this is the time of year we talk about what we’re thankful for in our lives.  As adults, we might give thanks for our health, or our families and friends.  But preschoolers come with a different perspective.   When we asked them what they are happy to have in their lives, these are the kinds of responses we got:

“I’m thankful for my princess costume!”


“I’m thankful for my light saver!”


“Max, my chicken!”

and, one of our favorites,

“I’m thankful for my friend Blakey!”

Which are all true!  Our children are happy and content and these are the things in their lives they’re glad to have.

We wanted to give our kids a glimpse into the lives of some other children in the world that may not have all the things that they have.   We read the book, “Beatrice’s Goat,” a true story about a family in a small African village that receives a goat through Heifer International, and how that lifts their lives out of poverty.

We also read, “Listen to the Wind.” This is a story based on Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea, about a small village called Korphe, nestled in the Himalayas, where Mr. Mortenson vows to build the children a school.


After hearing those stories, our children had a small understanding of how fortunate they are and how they have opportunities that many other children may not have.

On Thursday morning we worked together to make something called a “Thankful Tree.”   We colored and cut out the shape of a tree and taped it to the wall by our circle time area.  Then we traced and cut out the shape of our hands and wrote down the things that we are thankful for.

Sam tracing with two of our friends

The hand prints were then hung on the tree as leaves.

Ashley and Brenna's "leaves"

The children worked hard making their tree and had a lot of fun too.  Tracing, writing and cutting are all challenging skills for 4-year-olds!

Good Friends, that's something to be thankful for!

It’s nice to remind our children of the privleges they have in their lives at a time of year filled with lots of food and presents.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

What is GoodSearch????

Maine Mountain Children’s House is a non profit 501 (c)(3) that has been going strong since 2006 here Kingfield, Maine.    We rely on donations to help us create a  learning environment in our Montessori classroom.  Whether it’s buying more materials (Montessori materials are expensive!), furniture or putting it aside for a new school building.  These funds are never used to pay salaries or other expenses we have throughout the year (rent, heat, electric, internet, insurance, training, etc),.  There have been a few in-kind donations which we are very thankful for, but we’ve mainly have relied on our art auctions to generate a large amount of cash.  We have done well but need to do better, especially if we want a new school to call our own!

In an economy that is questionable we all have become more frugal in our spending.  Here’s a great way for everyone and anyone to contribute to our organization without spending a dime!  GoodSearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo!.  They donate money (.01) for each search to a charity of your choice.  We hope it will be Maine Mountain Children’s House, but you are free to choose whichever non profit you prefer.  Not only can you search but you can also do all sorts of great shopping on their online mall that has over 2,400 retailers and a certain percentage of your purchase goes towards your charity. You can purchase just about everything from clothing, travel, music, books, garden supplies through their retailers. Not only can you search and shop online but now you can make a donation to us at the same time!!  How easy is that folks????

Our hopes are you use GoodSearch for your online searches and shopping and Maine Mountain Children’s House is the charity of your choice!  Please pass this along to family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, to anyone who would like to make a donation to  a charity but don’t have the extra funds.  I use GoodSearch for all my searches and online purchases., and I have  set up GoodSearch as my homepage.  We even have a little box on our website for GoodSearch – look to your right!!

Go ahead check it out it’s worth every penny!!