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The Samantha Wright Community Garden Project

Sam’s Garden 

Kim, accompanied by the Ukulele, lead us in a song for our friend Sam after building and planting the garden.

Sam Wright, the founder of Maine Mountain Children’s House, came from farming roots.  When she started the school in 2006, it was in her nature to teach children where food comes from and how to grow it.  Sam encouraged her students to get their hands dirty, plant seeds and bulbs, search for worms and watch things grow.   It had always been her intention to start a community garden where people could come together to grow vegetables, converse and share with one another.


Sam and her students, breaking ground at 87 maple street in 2012

 Bringing the dream to FRUITION

In the spring of 2014, Maine Mountain Children’s House, along with our gardening guru’s Kim Roberts and Kerry Oulette, created a community garden in Samantha Wright’s name.   We gathered together in June of 2014 at our former location to build the gardens from the ground up.  Volunteers, current students, MMCH alumni, friends and family sifted compost, hammered together frames, shoveled soil, painted signs, and planted seeds and seedlings.  By lunch time we had a garden!  Over sandwiches and lemonade, we sang a song in tribute to our friend, admired our work and pledged to work together to keep this small garden and great spirit of Samantha Wright alive.

hammering nails, 2014

Quinn getting some practice with hammering nails before we build our raised beds

 And boy, did we!

The first year we were bountiful in produce!  With the help of the students, their families and summer and early fall volunteers, we harvested beans, carrots, kale, tomatoes, basil, chives, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, eggplant, sunflowers, nasturtiums,  squash and pumpkins.  The children loved racing through the pathways, popping tomatoes in their mouths as they whizzed by the raised beds in the fall.

harvest, 2014

A variety of fresh fruits and veggies harvested during an “open garden” evening.

Summer of 2015

In 2015, as MMCH was in the midst of  moving to our new home, Kim joined together with local establishments to plant satellite gardens and perpetuate the goal of having community gardens.  MMCH hosted three raised beds: one at The Orange Cat Cafe brimming with squash and marigolds, one at Rolling Fatties full of red, gold and purple potatoes, and another garden at Webster Library with various strains of kale and sunflowers.  Once we had passed papers, we dug ground at our new home and created one final bed with more sunflowers, squash, broccoli and tomatoes.


Brynn at the Orange Cat Cafe location.

 And here we are today…

Sam’s garden continues to play a role in our day to day lives here at MMCH. Kale and sunflowers from our garden were used in our Harvest Festival celebration in late September. We said goodbye to fall by putting garlic and daffodil bulbs (donated by our dear friend Kate Dewar) to bed before the frost froze the ground.  In November, we scrubbed potatoes from our raised bed with Kim and enjoyed mashed potatoes for afternoon snack.  As a final gesture to our harvest this fall, we added our potatoes to our Stone Soup meal on January 7th, that we enjoyed with our parents.


Gathered together family-style for a meal of Stone Soup prepared by the children.

 A Look to the Future

Last week we kicked off our Sam’s Garden Organic Seed Sale through FedCo (click here for order form).  Just print off your order form, fill it out and send a check for your total to MMCH.  Seeds arrive as early as the first week in March.

Once our seeds arrive, we’ll start seedlings and begin the early stages of our garden. In May we will once again host an open house for the Samantha Wright Community Garden Day.  We welcome all past and present families as well as community members to help us prepare our gardens, enjoy the merriment of nature and each other’s company.  Stay tuned for event postings on our MMCH website  and our facebook page.