Nature Walk

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, March 16th, we went for a long stroll on the trail across the road from our school. Here’s an overview of our morning in the great outdoors:


Here we go!


We stopped just a short distance down the trail to do some exploring and munch on a tasty snack.


Here is E in a teachable moment as M and P collect bits of nature in their paper bags.


T brought his very own camera on our adventure! We can’t wait to see how the photos came out.


N helped keep our planet clean by picking up some trash.














As we continued on our journey, we realized we had some extra time before we had to turn back for lunch. We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to play on the elementary school’s playground during this time. Our students tested their gross motor skills as they climbed, swung, and balanced. They also got to meet and play with new friends from the other preschool whose classroom is located in the elementary school. We even got to see our friend, L who splits her time between both schools.


Determination can go a long way! Q spent the first few minutes of our time at the playground conquering this structure.


B had a blast discovering how to stay on this balancing contraption.














Hi L! Thanks for letting us play at your other school.


Next we headed back to the trail for a class picture. We found the perfect fallen tree to fit all of our friends. They loved scaling it’s obstacle course-like surface.


Here is M through the lens of our binoculars. She is working hard to walk across the slippery log.


With tired legs, we made our way back to our first snack spot to eat lunch.


Here’s another cool shot through the binoculars. This is right before we approached the rickety bridge on our way back. Our friend B stopped to “hold up” the bridge for everyone. So kind!


When our bellies were full, we headed straight back to our classroom for some warm tea and quiet stories. The teachers and children at Maine Mountain Children’s House would like to thank everyone who made our outdoor adventure possible! We had a truly lovely day.


May the long time sun shine upon you,


 Ashley, Bethany, and Emily









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