January Recap

We have had a wonderful start to the new year here at Maine Mountain Children’s House! Because January brought both snowy days and warm, sunny days, our playground has transformed many times. No matter the weather, we always find ways to enjoy the natural world.


S, Q, F, and B soaking up some Vitamin D on our mountain of snow. This has been a place for the children to explore tunnels, dig holes, perfect the art of penguin sliding, practice their balance as they maneuver across the slippery surface, and much more!


After battling weeks of feeling under the weather in December, we were finally able to host our annual “Stone Soup Night.” This night is based on the book, “Stone Soup” by Jon J. Muth. It’s a story about three monks who visit a quiet, poor village in the mountains. The monks are hungry, but the villagers are suspicious of the strange travelers. Slowly, the monks are able to entice the villagers out to the city center to learn how to make soup from nothing but stones and water. As the villagers begin to trust the monks, they share small items from their own homes. Through this kindness and sharing, the village is able to create a delicious soup big enough for everyone to enjoy.


Everyone who joined us came together for delicious bread, even better soup, and great conversation.


Throughout the month, our students have been practicing all sorts of skills while learning about snow and ice and the Arctic regions of the planet.  

Marble Tonging


This winter-themed lesson aids the children in developing their fine motor skills. The purpose of the lesson is to grasp the tongs and carefully transfer each marble from the bowl to the empty spaces on the small white tray. It lives on our practical life shelf with other lessons that prepare children for everyday tasks.

Snowflake Matching


This lesson can be found on our science shelf. First, the children lay out the large snowflake cards at the top of their work mats. Next, they use the magnifying glass to examine the details of the the small snowflake cards in order to match them to the large ones.

Arctic and Antarctic Animals


This lesson also lives on our science shelf. Our students use the four animals in the dish to explore what it’s like to live in the arctic zones.


Here Q and M are applying what they have learned about penguins. Male penguins carry their eggs in their pouches. They came up with the idea of placing eggs (snowballs) in their pouches (boot straps). They carefully waddled around Antarctica (our playground) and waited for them to “hatch.”

Animals in Winter


In this photo, Emily is working with L, M, and Q to identify the birds that have been visiting our new feeder.


Towards the end of the January we hosted our first ever “Bring a Parent Night.” The children showed their parents around the classroom and showcased some of their favorite lessons. We are looking forward to our next one in the spring.




Stay tuned for what we’re up to in February


May the long time sun shine upon you,


Ashley, Bethany, and Emily


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