February Fun

Hello Friends!

Another month has come and gone. 

First and foremost, we celebrated 5 birthdays in February! Our classroom is now bustling with 3, 4, 5, and 6 year olds.


Here is a snapshot of F and M’s birthday celebration.

Birthday celebrations are an exciting event in our classroom. The black sparkly square in the center of the circular mat represents the solar system. A beautiful wooden sun is placed upon the “solar system.” Then we add a lit candle to represent the heat and light that the sun provides. Next we place the names of the months around the sun to show the cycle of one year. In the photo above, F and M are “orbiting” around the sun with two of our classroom globes for every year that they have been on Earth. We finish our birthday celebrations off with photos and/or memories from years past, blowing out the candle, giving birthday wishes, sharing a healthy treat, and reading On the Day you Were Born by Debra Frasier.


In February, we put out several thematic lessons based on Valentine’s Day and the solar system.  


Here S is in the process of putting roses in lovely colored vases and placing them out in the classroom. This movement lesson strengthens both gross and fine motor skills. It also provides our students with a sense of belonging as they help make our school a more beautiful place.



In this photo, B is learning about the layers of our sun. This science lesson was one among many other solar system lessons. Our students also had the option of choosing to learn about the phases of our moon with paper plates, complete a solar system puzzle, and match planet pictures with their names.














 Our students have also been practicing…


Putting on mittens independently.


Painting from beginning to end. Here, A hung up her paper, chose her paint colors, then washed her brushes and paint cups and sponge cleaned the easel when she was done.














Sewing. B taught a few friends how to sew with a real needle this month! Other friends had the opportunity to sew a paper button onto another piece of paper with a plastic needle.



Taking care of their environment. In this photo, L is gently polishing the leaves of one of our classroom plants.













During our afternoon work period, we like to delve into group projects that further strengthen some of the concepts we’ve learned.


Here are some friends constructing hibernation homes for various animals.


L, L, A, and A had the opportunity to mix colors using snow as their canvases!


And finally, we celebrated our 100th day of school on February 22nd! We put out various 100-themed lessons for the day.


Pictured here is S working on our 100 days of school paper chain.


It looks like it’s going to be a MUDDY March. We look forward to sharing our happenings, both in and out of our classroom, with you! 


May the long time sun shine upon you,


Ashley, Bethany, and Emily

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