Our Snowshoeing Adventure

Each year Maine Mountain Children’s House tries to take a trip to Sugarloaf  Outdoor Center in Carrabassett Valley to go snowshoeing.  This year, despite our small group, we had a fabulous time and couldn’t have asked for better weather!  Take a look at our pictures to get a peek at our special day.

We all met up around 9:30 at the Outdoor center to get our snowshoes and organize our trip.  By 10:00 we hit the trails (our mile loop) and got to play in the fresh snow!

L and S adjusting the snowshoes!







L and S took some time to adjust their snowshoes–it’s a hard thing to get used to for a 3-year-old!






R, M, L and S trudging through the fresh snow!  Some of the snowshoes were taken off in the first few minutes of our trip.  It doesn’t matter what’s on your feet as long as you’re out experiencing the Maine woods!






S and M walking hand in hand back to the lodge.  M says, “I’m tired” so S says, “Me too, lets help each other get there…”











A and C taking turns pulling PQ in the sled.  Even after all that hard work in the woods they had energy left over to help out.  Plus, they got to show off how strong they are!


After a little lunch and rest from our trek through the woods (by “rest” I mean the adults ate and the children ran around playing hide and seek and tag) we headed back outdoors to sled on the sledding hill.   This was a BIG hit!











M, S, and P having fun on the sledding hill!  It was impressive to see how brave the children were going down this steep hill.  On top of that, they managed to pull their own sleds back up the hill when they were finished!





E and C getting ready to take the plunge!











S with total concentration (note the tongue hanging out!)                                                                                B and C patiently awaiting their turn!

R, L, and B hanging out by the sledding hill



(L): S and PQ enjoying the spring-time sun!  PQ was all set in her sun bonnet!




(R): A is king of the deck  up high on his perch.  The children enjoyed playing around and exploring the outdoor space!




After some major outdoor time the children got to enjoy a little treat–cookies!




We ended our day with some much needed YOGA!





Around 2:00 we wrapped things up and headed back to school just in time for the after-school-care kids.  We had a wonderful time and we really appreciated getting outside and trying something new with the children.  Thank you to everyone who participated because it wouldn’t have been the same with out you!






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