Snow days….

My text message alert beeps at 4:45am, on both my phones, and I’m quite sure school has been canceled.  I actually canceled today’s school yesterday (Thursday)  given the weather forecast and past experiences with Winter Storm Warnings.  Yes you can get a text, email,  twitter or (I think) a facebook message if the your local school is canceled.  I get my text alert from .  It’s easy, reliable and doesn’t require me to get out of bed to check the weather/local news!  Our local school district is RSU/SAD #58, so if they’re closed we’re closed also.  Someday I’ll get around to actually signing the school up so our name is on the list but for now this will do.  So for now enjoy the snow!!

Sledding at the old school

Extreme sledding at the old school.

Hoping for more snow so we can snowblow a huge hill to sled down and climb around!

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