Food Prep

Snack time can sometimes be a mystery in a Montessori preschool.  “How does snack work?” and “How do you not go crazy with all these kids and food out?” are questions we hear a lot when explaining snack time to parents.  Here in the mountains we teach our students how to cook and prep food!  Take a look at a few things we ate for snack this week.

pancake chef

Master pancake flipper

PLEASE NOTE:  WHEN COOKING WITH CHILDREN PLEASE BE SURE TO SUPERVISE WITH COMPASSION!   Teach them how to do it safely and correctly.  PLEASE do not let them continue if they act  in an inappropriate way  that could cause harm.  Remember to TRUST them , they are good teachers also!

Yogurt Parfaits

Setting out ingredients for a simple snack is a great way to introduce cooking to young children.  Allow them to be creative with their snacks.

Feel free to ask any of us at school about how you can incorporate cooking and baking with your child(ren) at home!  We’re full to creative and easy ideas that make cooking fun!

Here’s a great resource for having the right tools for the job when cooking with children.

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