Windy Days at School

Earlier this week we experienced some windy days in the western mountains of Maine.  Not uncommon during the winter months but not always a welcomed weather trend for this time of year, at least for me.  It knocks those beautiful leaves off the trees before we’ve gotten to peak foliage!

How does it affect a child’s behavior?  After 5 years of observing children’s behavior I can accurately report windy days= silly days, even in a Montessori classroom.

Shaking out our sillies!!

Beth commented to me about how chaotic the classroom seemed one morning.  With one look outside I turned to her and said, “Windy day outside”.  I explained to her I can can tell the type of day we’ll have at school based on the wind.  She’s was impressed and agreed with me, she never made that connection.

Environmental factors can affect our children’s behavior, so the wind would have some sort of effect.  Their energy level is high, activities are fast paced, they have a difficult time focusing on a task.  These days can be crazy for both Beth and I!  It’s great fun to watch them.  Inside they try to contain themselves but it’s not so easy.  Once outside we encourage them let to everything go.  Here’s a small glimpse of what we see:

Running as fast as they can, with some encouragement from Beth and I.


Trying to yell louder than the wind.









Not sure if we can trust these two drivers!

What do you do on those days?  We suggest taking your children outside to play, in all types of weather.  Outside play is so valuable in the child’s development, and with all the demands in life they are slowly loosing this time outside.  Nature Deficit Disorder is not so uncommon and is so easy to avoid.  Once outside we encourage them to run as fast as they can for as long as they can.  Playing tag games, yelling as loud as the wind, just acting silly helps them release that energy.  If being outside is not an option for us we’ll have a dance party inside.  Be sure to have plenty of space for this and good dance music!  Freeze dance is also another popular game, this is where we play music and when we stop it at random times they have to freeze in place.

These windy days are never easy at school but always provide good entertainment!  No matter how trying these days may be we are always thankful for the times we have with them!

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